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Makeup For the Theatre

Theatre make up is an integral and inevitable part of every theatre production. It is due to this very reason that every play and production house has makeup artists who are responsible for making sure that the actors participating in any particular program portray the character well. They are responsible for the proper performance of the character.

Make-up artists are the group of people who coordinate the make-up activities and relevant domains for the theatre, the television, the big screen and other relevant Medias that has to deal with modelling. Besides this, the make-up artist is also at times responsible for hair styling of the person.

Theatre makeup differs significantly from other genres of make up because in this sort, the performer is performing in front of a live audience. Apart from handling a large audience, the make-up artist also has to make sure that his work is clearly visible even from the last row in the theatre. The face of a character is the heart of a theatre performance. Hence, the face is the vital canvas of a make-up artist.

Theatre make up is special in a sense that the make-up has to be visible under extreme illumination conditions, which is normally encountered in the theatre situation. The protagonist and the antagonist are specifically the performers that are being lit up from multiple lighting angles, rendering the make-up vague and imperceptible. This is the very reason that theatre make up is designed from special pigments that are brighter in colour and can be viewed from a greater distance. In a nutshell, theatre make up is intentionally designed to be much vibrant and exotic.

The theatre make-up also possesses a characteristic of lasting for a longer period of time. This is useful since it would be inappropriate for a performer to consult the back stage makeup artist again and again as the time of the performance exceeds several hours. There are different make up companies specialising in the production of theatre makeup. Companies as Ben Nye, for example, lay special emphasis on quality and that is the reason why its product line-up is famous amongst many circles.

Theatre makeup has evolved over time, gone are the days when theatre makeup was based upon the usage of a mixture of white lead and mercuric sulphide. Theatre make up nowadays is completely skin safe. Companies now produce environmental friendly makeup.

Taking up theatre make up as a profession is not a well-paid job, the salaries are no where close to that of the actors or the models, but at the same time, it is a domain with a vast room for experimentation and aesthetic craftsmanship. Apart from that, the chance of creating an extensive social network is ever existent.

Theatre make up is important because it is perhaps one of the most critical factors governing the outcome of a play. Futile theatre make up will most probably result in vague and lifeless expressions, rendering the central idea of the script un-conveyed. This is never desirable in any form of art.

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On Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
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