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The Beauty of Teeth Whitening

Some antibiotic drugs can also cause teeth to darken. The reason why a tooth darkens is that its mineral structure has changed and the enamel has become less absorbent or spongy. A number of methods and products have been developed with the purpose of whitening teeth. These products and procedures include bleaching strips, bleaching gels, bleaching pens and laser bleaching.

The Cost of Having Your Teeth Whitened
The cost of dental bleaching depends on several factors which include the dentist’s fee, the duration of the treatment and the materials used, during and after the bleaching procedure. The cost of teeth bleaching can vary, from as low as $ 5 to as high as a thousand dollars and more. The level of effectiveness of the product or procedure is directly proportional to its cost, meaning the more expensive methods will admittedly be more effective. In general however, the average fee for a standard dental bleaching procedure is around $ 500. The cost of dental bleaching is not usually covered by dental insurance.

Benefits of Dental Bleaching
Generally, people have their teeth whitened in order to have better-looking smiles and thus have an improved appearance. In most societies, whiter teeth correspond to beauty, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Having whiter teeth gives a person more self-confidence, thus becoming less conscious. Having teeth whitening encourages people to smile often, contributing to the prevention of facial wrinkles and thus eventually achieving a youthful and more energetic appearance.

Disadvantages of Dental Bleaching
Although there have been a lot of praises given to the usefulness and effectiveness of having teeth whitened, some disadvantages have also been pointed out. A person who undergoes a dental bleaching procedure may experience soreness of the teeth or gums, or both. In some cases, the soreness only disappears when bleaching has been discontinued. This is because the gums may be oversensitive to the chemicals that have been used as bleaching agents. Over-bleaching (unnatural, overly white teeth) may also result from the procedure. An increased risk for sensitivity to hot and cold may also result from dental bleaching. More serious possible risks with dental bleaching include pain due to having oversensitive teeth, chemical burns, and even tongue cancer as a result of teeth whitening.


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